Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Things From Camera Armor

I've mentioned this a while ago when it was announced for the K10D, but this Camera Armor silicon protection system for the K10D and K20D (pictured right), that retails for $60, is really cool. I know, you're thinking the camera is weather resistant already, but what about impact resistant for those little abusive moments, like a bump against a table? This armor even has a lens hood that protects most lenses, even zooms. It's lightweight, has a Batman: The Dark Knight sort of appeal, and toughens up your camera like it trained with the Marine Corps for a few weeks. Visually, at least. Physically, just enough to save you from a scrape.

Made Products, who created Camera Armor, also designed some really interesting gear bags, so good they frequently sell out. Crave mentioned the Seattle Sling yesterday (pictured right) and I clicked through to find that it wasn't in stock any more. Ahh, but one day it will be. And I'll be waiting. I particularly like the color red and the bag within a bag approach, for extra packaging care. It does look a bit like a lunch cooler, but that might make it less interesting to thieves. Mind you, they could still be thieves with the munchies.

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DaveyL said...

i like the idea for hiking, but has anybody used this camera armour on the k10d? ive seen them on one other dslr, and I though it was a bit floppy.

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