Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HD Video on an SLR

There's a new video at Canon's website this morning that was shot entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II. It's really cheesy, but it's more proof of concept than anything else, because he only had access to a pre-release version for less than 3 days. Both Nikon and Canon now have DSLR cameras capable of HD video recording, which opens all sorts of low light possibilities using fast lenses. The quality of the HD experience on the 5D Mark II and D90 is at a level that puts it in reach for consumers who couldn't previously afford to invest in a professional video system but who want excellent optics. But better than that, the photographer who shot the video (Vincent Laforet) says that the low light performance is actually better than Canon's flagship HD camera, the XH A1 camcorder. A statement like that makes a person sit up and take notice, especially Kubrick fans like myself (remember how Barry Lyndon has that candle lit scene that borrowed fast lenses developed for NASA? - link).

Read Vincent's blog posts on making the video: part one and part two

Right now, Pentax only has video recording on its compact point-and-shoots. In a nutshell, video on an SLR requires Live View mode and a sensor system that doesn't get too hot while recording video, which limits recording time, and Canon and Nikon were the first to bring this function to market just this summer. Hopefully this feature is something that Pentax is working diligently on, because I know I'd love to use it with a lens like the DA Limited 70mm. Oooh, yeah.

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