Monday, September 29, 2008

Pentax's Toshiaki Iue, Marketing Director, Talks About Micro Four Thirds, Hoya, and Full Frame

Another Pentax honcho has been interviewed, this time by Photography Blog, and goes on the record to reiterate that Pentax is not very interested in Full Frame sensors.

"The cost of developing a range of lenses suitable for the demands of a full-frame sensor is also making Pentax think twice. Mr Iue categorically ruled out any move to produce a full-frame camera just for the sake of prestige, reiterating that Pentax had to be able to make a profit from their investment."
Also of note are the comments that things are still honeymooning nicely with Hoya:
"Mr Iue admitted that Hoya bought Pentax predominantly for their medical division and expertise, but they did also want the camera part too. Hoya firmly denied any plans to sell the Pentax photo division to Samsung or any other company, commenting that they had only just bought the company. Similarly, Hoya aren’t planning to sell the lens-maker Tokina, which they also own, or to merge it with Pentax."
And lastly, this is the first time Pentax has acknowledged the micro four thirds system:
"The new Micro Four Thirds standard is seen as both a potential problem but also a potential opportunity. Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-G1 is seen as a direct challenge to Pentax’s entry-level DSLRs, undercutting the new Pentax K-m in size if not price. On the other hand, Mr Iue believes that “the G1 could open up a new market which will help Pentax and the industry as a whole”, a sentiment which has also been echoed by Olympus and Sony in our Photokina meetings. Mr Iue went on to comment that Pentax are very open-minded about the possibility of joining the Micro Four Thirds system, with the company free to join any system that they like at the present time."
Read the whole interview over at Photography Blog, and cheers to them and 1001NoisyCameras for the tip off.


Peter F said...

I'm glad you're posting again. Very interesting material.

Matthew Miller said...

Wow, I'd love to see them join micro 4/3rds rather than invent a new mount. That would probably make me buy in, rather than just keeping a curious eye on the market.

Jonathon said...

Good article! Thank you for the great insight into what is really going on with the particulars as to what their vision is for the company & their products.

I hope they know what they are doing? It sounds complicated. Do you think? Thank you for this great article, I appreciated it very much.

Jonathon Pugsley

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