Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sandra Juto's First Roll With Her Pentax MX

This September, I came across the site of an artist who had just started using a vintage Pentax MX and shooting film, and I thought I'd share it here because it's worth noting film can still be inspiring to young photographers. Especially those who already have a great eye for color and composition like she does. I imagine the very first roll of film Sandra Juto of Sweden shot with her 30 year old Pentax MX turned out to be a exercise in restraint. Now that most of us shoot digitally, we usually take a lot of shots, but do you remember that it wasn't so long ago we all had to judiciously reserve space on a roll of film if we only had one roll left? I read that Sandra's usual digital kit is comprised of her Canon 30D and camera phone, but I think she took to the MX very easily. Do you know of anyone else who has suddenly taken up film with an old Pentax for the first time?

Her first roll of film was posted as seven blog posts and you can see them all here:

The above photo is copyright 2008 by Sandra Juto, reproduced here for publicity only. Her website is smosch.com.


John said...

I miss my MX so much. :(

I recently bought a cheap used ZX-5n with the hope of shooting some good ol' Tri-X, but it just ain't the same as the reassuringly solid MX.

Oz said...

I recently started picking up film. Having discovered the Pentax system last year (with an impulse purchase of a K10D), I've acquired an MX, an ME Super, a K1000 and an LX over the last year. I've been shooting like crazy - burning through about 4 to 8 rolls a week.

It's been very... educational. It's more or less the same, thought-wise, shooting with them, except when I've no batteries and the meter's dead. Then it takes a LOT of thinking... trying to remember Sunny-16. :)

the_wolf_brigade said...

About a year and a half ago I picked up a Pentax SPII with a SMC 50/1.4 and started shooting...the rest is history. I scored a (non working) Pentax 6x7 (that I had repaired) from my local camera shop later on, a Pentax MX from my Dad, and Pentax P30n from ebay and various lenses...You could almost say I'm a Pentax fanboy!

Recently I've made the move to 4x5, but that SPII is always going to remain my favourite camera...

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