Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Japanese Pentax Commercials From The 80s

Last year, I found some vintage animated commercials from Pentax Japan (seen here), but what about classics from a more recent era? In the 1980s, Pentax's MEF system (Pentax's initial foray into autofocus) and the Pentax MG had ad campaigns that demonstrated the two very different approaches to selling a camera. The MEF system, obviously a more high-end consumer technology, has a "connoisseur" POV approach. A string section and tuxedoed musicians are being photographed, and we see the green LED indicate the corrected focus after as the camera moves around. If you've ever wished for faster AF, just consider what things were like 25 years ago.

The Pentax MG, a more friendly manual focus camera, takes a different road in the following two commercials: girls in swimsuits. And despite the similar subject matter, I think you'll agree that the tone of the first (a glum athlete who's lost a race) is entirely more dramatic than the second (a model dancing around under a shower spray). NB. The second clip is wonky; it has no audio and is horizontally compressed.


séamuis said...

those were great! I really like the first one as I own an MEF and smc AF 35-70mm lens. not as memorable as the Spotmatic era commercials that most people have seen om youtube but its great to see some of this older advertising.

Matthew Miller said...

The full version of the second one is here:


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