Friday, October 17, 2008

Pentax K-m/K2000 Designer's Notes: Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Pentax Hardware Engineer

Here is the third of the "designer's notes" from Pentax's team that built the K-m/K2000 DSLR.

Pentax K-m/K2000 hardware engineer: Mr. Kiyoshi Yamamoto

The Concept For Hardware

In terms of hardware development, we set out to achieve a smaller size, which was very difficult. If we want it small, it means we have to decrease the size without decreasing the performance, or, better yet, achieve a higher performance. After our efforts, the K-m (K2000) has a main board size around 10% smaller compared to the prior model, achieving more than the same performance.

The concept for the K-m (K2000) was to make up a “fully-developed body out of the K200D.” The basic construction was based on the K200D, but we wanted to condense it and make it powerful. So we reviewed and tested the performance repeatedly. We accumulated a 0.01sec of speed up, 0.001A power savings, and 0.0001V decreased noise. Each of these seems small, but we kept accumulating them to achieve our goal.

The Technical Challenge

Hardware development is related to many other teams, such as system construction development, software development, and image quality development. We have to keep modifying the hardware from the handmade sample to the mass production product, so we keep discussing with related engineers. As we modified, we kept clearing the problems and achieving higher performance. Our final goal was to have a camera which has the best ever performance for the user.

The PRIME chip

One of the reasons that we could reach our goal is that all of the related engineers communicated very well and we all did our best at the same time, I’m proud to say.

The K-m (K2000) Shake Reduction assembly


I’m confident to say that I did everything I could. You will know the K-m (K2000) has all that I mean when you hold it and operate it. It will give you a quick and appropriate response, and you will be satisfied. I will be more than happy as an engineer to know that you agree.

On The Weekend

I like reading books on weekends. I like to read prize winning books, such as those for the NAOKI prize, because people talk about it so much! I'm always looking forward to the announcement of its prize winner. Not only contemporary novels, I also like historical novels. Recently, one I enjoyed was “ATSUHIME" (the wife of the Shogun IESADA at Edo era). This story is famous for its soap-opera on TV in Japan now. I watch it every week and it is very interesting. When it comes to foreign books, I like “Harry Potter,” as shown in the photo above. I’m reading the final book in the 7 book series now. But it's difficult to remember the people’s names, which are not familiar to Japanese people!

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All photos courtesy of Pentax. Special thanks to Michelle Martin!

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Anonymous said...

Why is it that using Autopict (Green) mode, inside, you effectively cant take flash photos hand held because the shutter speed can go down to 1/5 sec. You would think that it would stop at 1/60, so that you can take handheld photos using the internal flash.

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