Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pentax Moving To Full Off-Shore Production From Japan In 2009

Bloomberg published recently that Hoya and Pentax have decided on a restructuring move to send all their previous camera production in Japan to their Philippines (DSLRs) and Vietnam facilities (lenses), where most production is already taking place, by March 31st, 2009. Hoya and Pentax have been involved in reorganizing their operations since Hoya purchased Pentax, and this should be seen as a good sign that they are focusing on production issues, particularly when too many cooks are in the kitchen and production continues to be more affordable in southeast Asia. It's going to be a costly transition, though, for both companies to make the transfer for most of their manufacturing technologies and close up factory space. However, I'm sure there are lots of good memories of the Mashigo plant in Toshigi and the old haunts for Japanese Pentax camera workers. Pentax's home base will still be Japan despite the off shore manufacturing. I came to this news a few weeks late (it was originally made public Sept. 18th, 2008. (Link). Via PMA Newsline and (of all places) Nikonians.

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