Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Samsung's Choong-hyun Hwang, Vice-President of Digital Camera Marketing, on the Pentax Partnership

DP Review climbed into the interviewer chair at Photokina to discuss with Samsung's Mr. Hwang a number of topics, but notably for Pentax aficionados, they talked about the balance Samsung has with Pentax in regards to their DSLR cameras based on the same hardware, like the Samsung GX-20 based on the Pentax K20D. Mr. Hwang asserts that the partnership with Pentax will continue on for the foreseeable future, at least the next three years, and that the decision to use the same DSLR camera architecture but different software has been mutually beneficial.

"Even though Pentax and Samsung DSLR are almost the same, the image quality - not in a vertical way but in a horizontal way; the color rendering - is different because we use different formulas and algorithms. So although the Samsung GX and Pentax K20D are the same system, some reviews have found the Samsung to be better. Right now we have a small customer base, but we're expecting it will grow. Samsung's SLR business started just three years ago, whereas Pentax has a long history of more than 70 years. At this moment most of Pentax and Samsung's customers are already into the Pentax system - it's natural."
Mr. Hwang also confides that he is more skeptical about Micro Four Thirds in the future, but that he definitely believes that CMOS sensors are going to trickle into more and more consumer cameras. Read more at DP Review (link to interview).

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