Monday, October 27, 2008

Silver Colored Pentax K200D

It's not something you can buy readily outside of Asia, but the silver colored Pentax K200D exists (Chinese link). Will there be a silver K-m in the future?  It would be one thing if they were made of anodized aluminum for durability, but silver colored plastic DSLR cameras are quite a throwback to the 90s. Admittedly, though, this does look good with the brushed silver FA Limited lenses.

For a gallery of photos of this rare bird, visit this page (link). Special thanks to this thread at (link).


Miserere said...

Call me traditional, but I prefer black. I also prefer rubberised plastic, especially in the Winter. However, I will concede that it looks cool with a silver Ltd.

But then any camera looks good with a Ltd attached :-)

Odyn said...

It SOO reminds me of my *ist (film) camera I'm trying to sell. I wonder if the picture's WB is wrong or does this silver k200d also have the goldish cast *ist has.

pan900 said...

we can buy it in Russia too

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