Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Personal Note For Thanksgiving

This holiday season is starting at a low point for my family, because one of our pets has been very sick and needs constant attention and a regime of force feeding day and night just to have a fighting chance. We've had to cancel all our holiday travel plans for Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas so that I can stay home to continue the proper care and quality of life she deserves, getting her to pull through. When we adopted our two cats, we promised to care for them as best we can, and it's not easy when that's put to the test emotionally and financially. I've found myself even selling one of my vintage guitars to help cover the sudden vet expenses. This simple relationship between a sick animal and my family has humbled me a lot over the last couple of weeks, and filled me with gratitude to appreciate my time with all my family. I believe that's the spirit of Thanksgiving. So let me wish you all good health and happiness this holiday season, and my hope is that you find it easy to spread the love you have inside to your family as best you can.

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