Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pentax P-TTL Flashes: The Guide by Matthew Miller

(UPDATE: Matthew's info now has its own permanent wiki location: http://pttl.mattdm.org/). Matthew Miller recently set up a Knol (original link) to document as much as he could learn about Pentax's P-TTL flashes (a Google Knol is sort of like a Wiki page that is curated by a particular writer... You can think of a Knol as a unit of reference that allows the writer to even make a little ad revenue). But the Knol format became too limiting, and so he went and upgraded it to a full blown website. And just this weekend Matthew finished a round of updates that makes his site, in my estimation, probably the best reference on the internet for anyone trying to figure out what flashes will work with their Pentax DSLR. He calls it "The Pentax P-TTL Comparison."

Matthew gives a run down of all the manufactured P-TTL compatible flashes, lists their distinguishing features (stroboscopic modes, modeling light, etc) and then provides handy tables to compare their output. One of the neatest bits of information you'll find is the flash burst profile illustration (eg. below). This shows you graphically how powerful a flash like the Pentax AF540 FGZ is in relation to the  AF200FG. No nonsense, easy to understand.

Information about 3rd party flashes can be difficult to come by, and up to date information is real joy to find. Thanks to Matt, as of this month, Pentax users have the current info rounded up in one location. I can't recommend this site enough if you're in the market for a flash for your Pentax DSLR, or if you want to understand the lay of the land with brands like Metz. This is your "one stop shopping" guide to comparing the market of P-TTL flashes.


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Great website tip. Thank

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