Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The White Pentax K2000 now available for Pre-Order $679.95

Although it won't be shipping for another month, if you've got $679 to spend Pentax is willing to take your order for the White Pentax K2000 and two lenses, the DA 18-55 and the DA 50-200 (both are also white).

"This pre-sale item will not be available to ship until mid February. Please note that Pre-Sale items should be ordered separately from in stock items to avoid a delay in shipping. Your order will not ship until ALL items are in stock."

Here's the link to Pentax USA's web store for details: Pentax K2000 White Edition

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John said...

Oh jeeze you have NO idea how much I want to own that set! It is SUCH a cool looking camera, I don't care if it's less capable than my K10D, I WANT IT.

Alas I have not the money. My very-near-future purchase of a DA* 16-50 takes priority.

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