Friday, February 20, 2009

PDML Photo Annual 2008-2009: A Closer Look

Mark Roberts has sent me some more pictures from the PDML photo book he's helped publish. He took a photo for me to demonstrate how it looked in the softcover binding and to give an idea of the book's physical size (pictured below). I'm impressed - it's very professional and looks like the iconic coffee table book it's meant to be. So please visit Mark's site for the PDML Photo Annual 2008-2009 and consider buying yourself a copy in softcover or hardcover. You'll not only be supporting Pentax photographers, but you'll be contributing to CureSearch, which is where all book profits are being donated. 

The following pictures are just a few of the many in the book, but I found them striking enough that I wanted to share them here as samples of the tremendous talent in the Pentax community and the PDML. Please click on them to open the larger version. And remember, if you like these, then maybe there's a book you'd like to buy.

Above: "Highland Cattle in Saskatchewan Winter," photo ©  by Tim Bray

Above: "Tires," photo © by Marnie Parker

Above: "Sad Ride," photo © by Bill Robb

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