Thursday, March 26, 2009

645D On Display At PIE 2009

Akihabara News (link) has some photos taken at the Pentax booth of the upcoming 645D and the limited edition K-m ("Camo" finish) and K20D ("Titanium" finish). I'm not sure if this is the very same 645D prototype we saw at previous industry trade shows 2 years ago (I think it might be), but it certainly looks finished enough to be a production model, although I imagine there are a few more subtle refinements to come.

All photos copyright Akihabara News, 2009.


Chris Stone said...

No. This is not the same model as was last seen. There are many changes to the camera, changes in buttons, and levers. Quick sighted people will also see that there are four pieces of black tape covering up two buttons on the LHS and two works/symbols below the top LCD panel


Chris Stone

Michael said...

Chris, I was comparing changes with the photo I posted earlier, which I thought was from 2007... was I wrong about that one? If so, let me know so I can make corrections. However, I see you've made a good list here at DP Review of the changes you've noticed and that's worth a look for other's who are interested.

tigrebleu said...

I just hope it's really fraction of a Mamiya digital medium format camera. Right now, the most affordable digital MF is about $14,999.00, a PhaseOne digital back + body and lens kit.

Should this camera be about as affordable as a pro full frame DSLR, this could be my next big move... If they ever export this little piece of craftsmanship outside Japan, of course.

And if they ever produced the camera in the first place. Some might remember the last time when the 645D was supposed to be launched. Eventually, the project went to a halt until it was recently resurrected. Let's hope it's for real this time.

Ed Buziak said...

I do like the "USER" tab on the mode dial.

Bella said...

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