Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Olive Green K-m Available Now In Japan

Well, this snuck up and surprised me today. Maybe I didn't seen it coming, even with the hunter's orange pin stripe. Maybe that's why this new limited edition "Olive" Pentax Km is going to appeal to people who go out hiking or who collect Coleman gear in a way the white Km (K2000 in North America) never did. It's onsale at the end of April in Japan for 70,000 yen, which includes matching Olive lenses. Snipers rejoice!

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Ed Buziak said...

I rather like the "look" the Pentax styling dept have come up with for the "Ltd K-m", and especially the complementary color stripe - orange on olive works. Don't like the garish look of the Titanium K20D... although it isn't anything like as bad as the gold-plated Lizard-skin covered LX from the early '80s.

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