Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pentax 645D and MF Lenses For 2010 Release

645D Prototype, circa 2007.

It's coming, and it's likely going to be a fraction of the cost of Mamiya's medium format camera. But no one knows much about it, except that it's probably at least 9 months away from retail.

Pentax is retiring their old 645NII and 67 systems, which comes as an expected development considering that today they have officially announced that the Pentax 645D, a 30MP digital camera replacement for medium format film systems, is finally on the production road map for release in 2010. A new prime lens, the Pentax-D FA 55mm F2.8 lens, will be available specifically for this new camera as well as an unspecified "wide-angle" lens (see the latest lens list here from Pentax Japan). News on this is very skimpy today, but as soon as there's more to chew on, I'll post it. In the meanwhile, 1001NoisyCameras has a round-up of reaction links.


John said...

I think this could be a major boon for Pentax if it really is a lot cheaper than the Mamiya. I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

Wow... Looks like a K20D under steroids! I begin to save money.


PS: Thanks for this website

Bella said...

Great camera . So nice to see .

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