Friday, April 03, 2009

$50 Rebate on K200+Lens+Flash Kit in U.S. for a Limited Time

From April 3-11, 2009 (not much time, just a week), Pentax is offering a rebate for select digital cameras, including one DSLR system - the K2000 with 18-55mm lens and AF200FG flash. That means U.S. customers can spend $599 and get $50 back through an instant rebate (no need to submit claim or fill out forms or wait 8 weeks) right at the retailer, so the invoice price is $549. Or less, if the participating retailer is selling it with a lower price. Not bad. I hereby declare it officially buy a Pentax K2000 week! Now, when will they have an instant rebate program for lenses? All the details are at


johnbee418 said...

I'm about ready to purchase a K2000, but I have doubts about the included flash unit. I have 2 perfectly working Vivitar 2800 Auto Thyristor flash units. Can anyone tell me if it is safe to use these Vivitars with the K2000? I realize I'd be giving up TTL flash support but the 2800s do a marvelous job in aperture preferred shooting. Help.

Bella said...

This camera is perfect for better capturing .
Love this .

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