Monday, April 27, 2009

It's all about the Jeeps

This weekend saw Pentax USA President Ned Bunnell post some more shots to his blog with the DA 15mm. Admittedly, I think I'd want this lens as my good walking around lens when I'm on vacation. That's just how it seems to behave in Ned's hands. And what would a personal DA 15mm shot collection be without an obligatory Jeep picture? Cue The Ventures:

It was also nice to see Ned also chime in with some calming remarks about last week's frenzied rumor discussions:
"Having seen a lot of less than complimentary things said about me in the past, which I understand is part of being open and approachable on the internet, I had to laugh this morning when I read this comment by GnusMas on pentaxforums that was in response to a heated exchange on who knew more about a certain upcoming model from Pentax..."Ahh its OK maybe next year you to can buddy up to Ned at the PMA and try to get your very own NDA . I suggest you start building your tomato shot portfolio I hear that's one way into NED's heart. lol." I think the whole point about my love of tomatoes stems from the realization that what tends to typify many Pentax shooters is that they have a pretty balanced life wherein photography is only one of their passions and pursuits. I think we tend to harbor a higher percentage of independent minded shooters who enjoy the pursuit of photography first and are less obsessed with their gear."
For more on this tangent, read Ned's full post here: Op-Ed Thoughts by the Spa

PS. Did you catch Mike Johnston call out the Spotmatic and 50mm F1.4 Takumar on his list of cameras for the collectors?

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REally nice post
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