Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mysterious New K? DSLR Coming Soon

(Updated, with special thanks to 1001 Noisy Cameras.) The net is full of speculation this week. Curiously, The Online Photographer withheld his number 2 recommended camera pick today, alluding that he'd have to wait a month... and from a Russian site, it appeared Pentax may have leaked the above image referencing May 21st. Coincidence?

The DPReview Pentax forums are in a tizzy with uncorroborated specifications and blurry images of this camera already dubbed by spies as the "K7D." Which Pentax Europe then denied. It purportedly has a super-fast 1/8000 shutter speed, a 1.0x viewfinder, a square sensor, mirror lock-up, 77 zone light metering, better AF, DR, and SR, with Live View, HD Video, and low noise at 6400 ISO. But none of this is official. And it could be fake.

The rumor mill hasn't been this excited since the time before the first K10D, and the guessing is getting picked up in a lot of places that wouldn't have Pentax usually on their radar. Long story short: when the truth comes out, it's probably going to be huge.

[Update #2: On Friday, Yvon Bourque has tipped his hat to reveal that he's confirming that Pentax has definitely got something big planned as a new flagship model (see his post here, which includes a run-down of all the assorted blurry shots).]


Mark said...

Could a K1D be mistaken as K7D?

Bella said...

DSLR is my favorite .
Love this coming soon DSLR .

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