Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Firmware 1.03 for K20D To Improve SR

Just out today, for K20D users only, Pentax/Hoya have released a firmware upgrade that is meant to improve the accuracy of the Shake Reduction system. It's available as an installer that runs off an SD card (32MB min, although the patch itself is very small).

You can download the firmware from Pentax Japan here, and soon from other Pentax international sites. To read more about the K20D's excellent Shake Reduction, there's plenty of info at this Pentax sub-site: In-Body SR of the K20D


Carl said...

I'll be interested to look at this, Michael. I've found the current Pentax SR to be problematic. In true "Hail Mary" range it is undoubtedly helpful. In the range of problematic shutter speeds where I would expect decent results on my own, I find it introduces errors I wouldn't have made. Think I'll wait for an official download though.

Bella said...

Thanks for sharing this post with us .

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