Monday, July 06, 2009

Imaging-Resource's Comparometer™ And The Pentax K-7

Although I wasn't bowled over by their K-7 Preview (which did appreciate the camera, mind you, just not in the most reasoned explanations), I'm more appreciative of these K-7 chart test results from and how they reveal the K-7's potential detail bonanza with a lens like the DA 70mm lens. Personally, I'm ignoring the poster test they do of the house (below left). I like the line tests and ISO tests best. What you'll see at their site is a set-up where you can compare the chart resolution tests of the K-7's DNG and JPG files versus images tests from other cameras like the Canon 50D. How does the K-7 fair? Better than I would have guessed just a month ago. The K-7 actually holds it's own very well against Nikon's mid-range and semi-pro lines when you're using low ISOs, and fairs pretty well 1600 and higher. This is a real contender.

ISO 6400 test with the Pentax K-7, original JPG here.

To see the comparisons for yourself at Imaging-Resource, visit their Comparometer™.

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Thanks for sharing such nice color. specially the blue color is more nice to me .

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