Tuesday, July 07, 2009

K-7: Changing The 11 Focusing Area Point Positions

There was some concern when the K-7 was first announced that quickly changing the autofocus point (11-points, 9 cross) would be a hassle because the new control pad on the back of the camera was tied to functions in the new menu system (flash, WB, etc.). As it was demonstrated to me, I saw no problem, and Pentax was good enough to show people in their demos around the country that there was nothing to be up in arms about. The solution was easy once you knew the formula.

Now that the camera is in customer's hands and the documentation is online, it's time to put this grousing about AF points to bed. How easy is it to change the position in reality?

Well, according to the K-7 manual (now located at Pentaximaging.com), it's simple enough with one extra button press (see below). Hitting the center "OK" button puts the 11 AF Focus Points on alert to change to your desired location in the viewfinder. At which point, the directional keys in the control pad move the selected AF point. The only things that will break your ability to use the directional keys for the AF point is if you 1) Turn the camera off 2) Turn the mode dial 3) Turn the AF mode dial 4) Press OK, play, menu, info, or the Live View button.

So, the issue of adding the extra step of pressing the OK button is going to confound some people, but it's hardly as if this is a hidden, arcane arrangement. At some point in the future, Pentax may decide to release a firmware update that allows the user to set which is default for the "arrow" keys before you press the OK button: functions or AF points. But for now, just think "OK, direction" and you may find it's easier than you thought.


Martin said...

Me i need to going back to the K20 for the focus point. I realy don't like that because i lost time.and it is impossible to reset the focus point to center position. REALY BAD FOR ME :-(

fraz said...

Hmm. Why not use center focusing? Half press shutter button to focus on subject of interest, recompose and shoot?

Martin said...

in AF-C you can't do that, because you loose your focus when you recompose and shoot. With the K20 i program the AF button to control the center position of the red point. after with the arrow i chose my composition, now you frame and shoot. With the K20 i know all the time where are the position of the red point. with the K7D... NO!!!! :-(

Sabrina said...

I seem that , this post is more helpful for photographer .

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