Friday, July 03, 2009

K-7 Now Arriving in the U.S. with Bounce Back Card

Thanks to the astute people at Pentax Forums, Pentax USA president Ned Bunnell has been prompted confirmed that the Pentax K-7 is now in the U.S. and arriving at retailers to fulfill the first pre-orders. There's a little discount treat to be found inside, too. The "Bounce Back Card." Says Ned on his blog:

"Since shipments to the US have begun, I thought this would be a good opportunity to point out that your K-7 package will come with a "valued PENTAX customer" thank you card. Similar to the program we tested with the K2000, every K-7 package has what's called a bounce back card. As a thank you for purchasing the K-7 the card entitles you to savings if you purchase other PENTAX accessories. (Note: if you click on the above photo of the card, you'll be able to view a larger image and confirm which lenses, flashes and binoculars are included in this offer)."
Ned has also had many great posts about the K-7 that I hope you haven't missed in the last month's lead-up to release:

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