Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pentax K-7 Firmware Update 1.01: Selective Point Fix

Well, the cat's out of the bag! Pentax has released a fix for one of their newest cameras, the K-7 DSLR, within the same month of its US release. And as speculated, the first firmware update for the K-7 addresses the highly contentious default behaviour of the 4-way controller for some of those users frustrated by having to press the OK button to allow the controller to move the AF point.

Added a custom function to the K-7's Custom Function menu that affects the behavior of the 4-way controller when using user-selectable focus point adjustment.

For Windows (Download zip from www.pentaximaging.com)
Mac (Download zip from www.pentaximaging.com)

(Via DPReview Forums)


Miserere said...

Hopefully there will be another firmware update soon fixing the dreaded Green Line. Pentax cannot afford to fall asleep now.

photo editing services said...

My colleague has just bought one and he swears it is the best photography camera ever!

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