Friday, September 18, 2009

Mixed Reaction to Japanese K-x Custom Colors Is Still Success

Generally, people are impressed by Pentax bending the status quo by offering bold colors for the K-x. It's good buzz. Even though no one seems to agree on which option to choose, I think the consensus has been that it's been exciting to at least have the opportunity to choose a K-x in one of 100 color combinations available in Japan. Read the comments at Online Photographer to get a sense of the elite sarcasm brigade who are disappointed in the lack of zebra stripe options.

I'll admit, I'd pay a $100 premium to have that option available to me in the U.S. if they could do this for the K-7, too, even if it means shipping it to me from Japan. For now, Mike from TOP suggests emailing Japan Exposures to see if they can arrange custom K-x's for interested U.S. buyers.

The customer rankings show that Pentax chose wisely with the white, blue, and red models... and could easily have gone with silver, orange, brown and olive as the next most popular colors. At least we know why the olive K-m never made the cut of the top 4 K-x colors. It just wasn't as popular as red or even orange in the Japanese marketplace.

I dare say that depending on how well certain combinations sell in Japan, we might see them as retail options in the U.S., perhaps as limited editions, or at least hopefully available as options on future U.S. models. I know the expectations aren't terribly high for sales, but when Christmas rolls around these are going to stand out for people looking to buy something unique as a gift.


Hin Man said...

I have a positive reaction post to the color scheme. I hope you can visit. I have been your favorite subscribers and your blog is in my blog roll

Pentax K-xC plan reveal -- request to Pentax Corp.

I truly hope Pentax can make the color choices a global and international choices with no boundaries

Michael Perham said...

Well, I'll stick to the black K-7 thanks, but I can see where the colors in the K-x could help sales with the ladies. When I bought my daughter a digital P&S, it had to be pink and the notebook last Christmas, likewise.

AlexL said...

Ladies? I know lots of guys who would love color options; they just won't be picking pink.

I personally just prefer black, but if someone whats a colored one, then more power to them. I think this will definitely help Pentax.

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