Friday, October 09, 2009

World Pentax Day and SyncSnap

PentaxForums have organized another World Pentax Day for Saturday Oct. 10th. If you have a Pentax camera, get out there and take some pictures to share. Then within the next 2 weeks, submit your photos to the special online gallery at (with everyone else's photos taken on that same day) and bask in the communal glory (or your monitor's glow). Easy as pie!

If 24 hrs is just too much time and you need stricter deadlines, next week is the official Pentax SyncSnap: October 17th at 12am GMT. You just have one minute to commemorate the event.

Don't neglect your old cameras for the events. I think I might take out my old Pentax ME Super. However, the new Pentax K-7 has a special $100 rebate this month in the U.S. and could probably, maybe, take a good picture. Or so I've heard. (DP Review: Highly Recommended)

World Pentax Day: Oct. 10th, 2009
1. Although you may submit entries at any time, the photo must be taken on Pentax Day (October 10th, 2009), between midnight and midnight in your time zone. Please leave all EXIF information intact. You may submit up to three photos.

2. The photo must be taken with a Pentax camera (DSLR, Film, or compact)

3. The photo's largest dimension should be between 800 and 900 pixels.

4. The photo should be submitted to the User Photo Gallery. Click the "Upload" link located in the navbar to add your photo. You must be logged in. You will be able to upload between 10/10/2009 and 10/24/2009. After this period, only viewing will be allowed for the event gallery. The gallery is located here:

SyncSnap : October 17th, 2009 at exactly* 12am midnight GMT. 
What is the World SyncSnap? The World SyncSnap is a chance for Pentax users around the world to snap their shutters in unison, capturing our images all at the same time. Think of it as the Pentaxium’s little brother. Where the Pentaxium lasts one entire day, the SyncSnap begins and ends within the blink of an eye…or, more appropriately, the opening and closing of a shutter.

How does it work? You’re given the date and time of the SyncSnap for the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) time zone. All you need to do is adjust the date and time for your time zone, grab your Pentax camera, and snap your shutter at exactly the right moment, along with the rest of us.

GMT is not adjusted for daylight savings. Use this site to figure out what time it will be in your area with respect to GMT: GMT: Greenwich Mean Time - World Time / Time in every Time Zone

Where do I post my photograph? There is a dedicated event category in our gallery at this URL: User Photo Gallery - Pentax World SyncSnap. When uploading your photo, title it with the following information:

Event number, your username, and the location where the image was captured.

Example, If you captured the image in Philadelphia, PA, USA:
SyncSnap1, DanLoc78, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Make sure you also specify what lens and camera was used in the fields provided. The camera must be a Pentax!

*Try your best to capture your photo at the exact time specified. A few seconds off here or there doesn’t really matter.
SyncSnap Time Key, adjusted for DST in the US:
London, 12:00am, Saturday 17th, Oct.
Central Europe, 1.:00am, Saturday 17th, Oct.
Sydney, 11:00am, Saturday 17th, Oct.
Brisbane, 10:00am, Saturday 17th, Oct.
New York, 8.00pm, Friday 16th, Oct.
LA,5.00pm, Friday 16th, Oct.

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I'm first aha!

with the Pentax camera I think it very nice dslr camera .

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