Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Imaging Resource Interviews Pentax USA President Ned Bunnell

"If you take a look at some of our new offerings, whether it's the Kx in four different colors, or some of our new compacts such as i10 or H90, one of our beliefs is we can focus on the advanced amateur who really wants to explore and expand their photography, but they also want to have a fun time; photography should be fun. We also think that from a positioning standpoint, Pentax's history and knowledge of building small, well designed cameras bodes well for us. Products like the Kx and K7 being the smallest SLRs out there, they match really well with our Limited lenses, our really small, fixed focal-length lenses. And that's an area that really, we don't think anyone else is focusing on right now."
- Ned Bunnell @ Imaging Resource
Read the whole interview at Imaging Resource, here. Plenty of good questions from IR and sharp answers from Ned.

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