Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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This blog has been on a long hiatus after I began new projects (since summer 2009) and after reluctantly coming to terms with the obvious I'm going to close the book and let the info here live in posterity. The blog will be here for the foreseeable future in "archive" state for those seeking out information for Pentax cameras pre-2010.

Photo © Cursesfoiled 2011. With Pentax K20D and FA-28-200mm lens.

Let me be clear, I still love Pentax gear... when you read this, whenever "now" is, be sure that I still have my trusty K1000 in my camera arsenal and likely have the latest and greatest (at the time of writing I've just started using the K-5 as of November 2011--what an incredible camera). I will still keep my personal blog (cursesfoiled) slowly rolling for as long as I can. And I'll likely keep writing about cameras and photography in other places.

Pentax on the Web

I started this blog many years ago to share information about my Pentax cameras because there was not much to be found on the web at the time (circa 2006). But that's no longer the case! Over the years, there have been more bloggers and photo websites dedicating time to Pentax than I ever could have anticipated. Importantly, the community has pulled together and shares information avidly now. And, to get to the point, there are more sites doing such a fantastic job that I visit them for information that I couldn't write better myself. I'm grateful and I wish them continued success.

I love Pentax supporters like DP Review's Pentax SLR Forum, PentaxForums, Yvon Bourque, 1001NoisyCameras, The Online Photographer, Photozone, DxO, to name but a few of my favorites. Patronize them, contribute, make new friends, and be happy (above all, be happy) and proud that we can all engage like this over a common interest.

Thank You

I want to thank Yvon Bourque, Michelle Martin, and especially everyone at Pentax USA for all their support and kind words over the years.

Now, to you kind reader, I thank you for visiting and hope you'll explore the history here a bit (the list of topics or "labels" at the bottom of the page are a great start)...

Just remember one thing: don't ever stay too idle in this life. Keep moving and exploring and enjoy it all, ok? Ok!

Photo © Cursesfoiled 2011. With Pentax K20D and FA-28-200mm lens.


Yvon Bourque said...

Great to hear from you. You are actually the inspiration that got me started.

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The picture taken reminds me of my childhood days. Specially, when my friends and I playing to together at the park near to our church, I saw some of the Volkswagen car that was been customized that looks fashionable alright.

Gary said...

Great post. I have been considering getting a Pentax!

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